Why is 3rd Eye Crystalwear Patented?

3rd Eye Crystalwear is an innovator in the design of forehead and hair jewelry.  The concept of forehead jewelry is ancient, however other forms of forehead jewelry or headpieces leave the hair unable to flow freely.  Through our unique Patented Hair Jewelry system, our 3rd Eye Crystalwear will leave your hair flowing while locking the jewelry into place. 

This clipping system allows for easy placement and removal of 3rd Eye Crystalwear with a locking hold so your jewelry once placed in your desired location on your forehead will stay in place. 

How do I open the clips?


How do I put the headpieces on?

Start by holding the centerpiece with one or two fingers.  

Then while holding the center with your other hand pull back the hair and slide the clip comb down and snap closed. Make sure you go as close to the root of the hair as possible and you get enough hair in the clip for a good hold.   

*I'm not hold the center in this picture because once you get one side in, you don't need to hold the center.  

 Move to the other side and do the same

Adjust as needed to make sure its centered, and you are done!