3rd Eye Crystalwear is a powerful manifestation tool as well as beautiful activating jewelry piece that can be worn directly on the 3rd Eye or on the forehead. Jewelry like 3rd Eye Crystalwear were worn by the high priestesses in the temples of Altantis. 

With past life recall I wanted to recreate and modernize this ancient adorning.  3rd Eye Crystalwear can activate your third eye, help you to see your purpose, vision and heart's true desire and works as a manifestation tool to help bring about those visions and desires.  

We use genuine crystals and gemstones in each of our pieces. Gemstones are placed on or near the third eye, near the temples and throughout.  Some pieces have more gemstones than others and some crystals are more powerful than others. 

Please visit our Crystals page for more specific gemstone information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  

Eva Sunday


Creator & Designer